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From the day we opened our little café in 2015,
it has been about working together.


Fruits & Roots Vegan Cafe
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Sharing a dream.

Every member of the team at Fruits & Roots holds true to the dream of creating a wholesome and unique alternative dining experience for those seeking truly authentic vegan food. Adhering to this vision has allowed us to build a loyal customer base and grow Fruits & Roots from a small café to a full-size restaurant in just a few short years. Since the day we opened our doors, our team has held itself to the highest standards. From loving care in preparation to educating our customers on ingredients, we are committed delivering the ultimate vegan dining experience. At the end of the day, we’re just one big family, our customers included. We love making good food for people that care.
Amber Eichling


“I have a deep-rooted love for my community and a lifelong passion for good food and hospitality. This venture has allowed me to explore my passion for health-conscious dining while expanding my culinary journey into a diverse range of creative plant-based tastes and preferences for all to enjoy. Giving back to the place that has shaped me is a fundamental part of who I am.”

Carra Crehan’s journey in the culinary world has been an ongoing adventure that has allowed her to blend her love for food with her dedication to her hometown of Stuart, Florida. In April 2023, Carra became the proud owner of Fruits and Roots Vegan Cafe. As a restaurateur with a keen sense of culinary artistry, Carra is not just passionate about food; she is also dedicated to her family who provides her with support and inspiration in all her endeavors. Carra’s love for her hometown of Stuart runs deep, and she is actively involved in community initiatives and events that promote local business sustainability and healthy living. She is grateful to continue on this exciting journey at Fruits & Roots where she continues to expand the realm that includes her love for food, family, community and the vibrant culinary scene in Stuart, Florida.

Amber Eichling


Chad has been with Fruits and Roots since 2017. From his start at the juicing station to becoming the restaurant’s head chef, is a testament to his dedication and passion for cooking. Growing up as a health-conscious picky eater played a significant role in his experimenting with cooking from a young age. Chad’s introduction to veganism at the age of 18 further fueled his creativity in the kitchen, leading him to create innovative plant-based recipes. This transition expanded his culinary horizons and allowed him to explore new ingredients and flavors while aligning with his health-conscious values. Chad’s love for the creative side of cooking shines through in his approach to perfecting each dish with a personal touch, often adding unique and carefully selected ingredients to elevate the flavors. This attention to detail and willingness to experiment is evident in every creation. Outside of the kitchen, Chad’s life is balanced with quality time spent with his two sons and his fiancé. Their shared activities, such as watching movies, listening to music, and going to the beach, provide a well-deserved break from his demanding role as head chef. Overall, Chad’s story is one of culinary passion, creativity, and a commitment to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Seth Fraiman


Gavin’s journey from customer at Fruits and Roots to becoming our lead sous chef in 2019 is quite remarkable. His dedication and passion for cooking and culinary innovation are evident in his career progression. Starting as a dishwasher and working his way up through each station showcases his commitment to his craft and his willingness to learn and grow in the culinary world. One of Gavin’s particular areas of interest is dessert making, where he loves to experiment with various flavors and presentation techniques. His dedication to authenticity in cooking shows that he values traditional cooking methods and ingredients while adding his own unique twist to our dishes. Outside of his culinary career, Gavin has diverse interests. Skateboarding and playing the guitar showcase his active and artistic side. These hobbies provide a balance to his callings in the kitchen, allowing him to express himself in different ways. Additionally, his passion for trying new foods and visiting new restaurants suggests that he continues to seek inspiration and new flavors to incorporate into his own creations.

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