Who We Are

From the day we opened our little café in 2015,
it has been about working together.


Fruits and Roots, Stuart, Florida
Our Story

Sharing a dream.

Every member of the team at Fruits & Roots holds true to the dream of creating a wholesome and unique alternative dining experience for those seeking truly authentic vegan food. Adhering to this vision has allowed us to build a loyal customer base and grow Fruits & Roots from a small café to a full-size restaurant in just a few short years. Since the day we opened our doors, our team has held itself to the highest standards. From loving care in preparation to educating our customers on ingredients, we are committed delivering the ultimate vegan dining experience. At the end of the day, we’re just one big family, our customers included. We love making good food for people that care.
Amber Eichling


“I started Fruits and Roots to enlighten people that you don’t need meat, eggs or dairy to have a delicious meal. People try us because we’re a vegan restaurant, but they come back because it’s good.”

Fruits & Roots founder Amber Eichling developed a passion for cooking at an early age. A long-time vegan and animal lover, she spent untold hours in the kitchen experimenting with plant-based ingredients to build inventive culinary creations from scratch. This passion, coupled with a career in the restaurant industry, sparked a dream of having a place of her own. Realizing there was a huge void locally for authentic vegan food, Amber pooled her savings and opened Fruits & Roots as a small juice bar and cafe. There was nothing like it in town and it became an instant hit. Word has traveled. Excitement has grown. And Amber continues to follow her passion to create a truly authentic vegan alternative for lovers of good food.

Seth Fraiman


“Healing the earth, helping animals and being in balance are all very important to me. When I’m in balance, I can help others. We’re all here to help each other, teach each other and grow together.”

Ask floor manager Seth Fraiman how he got here, he’ll tell you it was meant to be. Growing up in a health-conscious family, he tagged along to health food stores as a child and began juicing in his early teens. Discovering veganism at age 18, it was only natural that he followed a career in nutrition. Starting out at health food stores and restaurants, he worked his way up to cooking and management, eventually leading him into the operations of organic farms and green markets. This wide-ranging knowledge gives Seth a solid base to educate our servers on the true essence of vegan food, from farm to table. This allows us to better share with our customers what we do and make them feel comfortable with their choices.


Fruits and Roots Juice Bar and Vegan Cafe, Stuart, Florida

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Fruits and Roots Juice Bar
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