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Our philosophy is simple: create pure, wholesome and delicious plant-based food using fresh and organic ingredients.


Fruits and Roots, Stuart, Florida

Vegan Cuisine

Keeping it simple.

We believe you don’t need animal products to make a fantastic meal. We have respect for our planet and all of its inhabitants, and are grateful for the food we eat.

Every meal we serve is made completely from scratch. We make a point not to over-process foods so flavors remain intact. Prepared correctly, natural flavors, colors and textures all work together to create a dining experience that appeals to all the senses. We take great delight in pairing different ingredients to discover new and exciting flavors, and we love reinventing familiar favorites with a vegan twist. The only restriction is how creative we can be!

We also believe every business has a responsibility to the environment. The majority of our packaging is compostable and biodegradable and made from corn, and we donate our food scraps to local organic gardens.

We’re here to make really good food and do our part to make the world a better place.

(Photos pictured may be specials and not menu items; however, make every effort to create our unique and flavorful specials as often as possible!)

Have a recipe you’d like us to try, or an idea you’d like to share? Send us a note.

Fruits and Roots Juice Bar and Vegan Cafe, Stuart, Florida

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Fruits and Roots Juice Bar
Vegan Cafe
Stuart, Florida

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