You may worry that no matter how hard you try, you’re not getting all the nutrients you need. Well, we have a secret nutritional weapon to help slay you those worries. It might not be what you expect though… it’s a naturally forming blue/green algae called Spirulina.

What exactly is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a single-cell algae that has been around for 3.5 billion years. It is a fresh, truly living and complete super-food. Spirulina is one of the richest natural nutrients found in the world. When harvested correctly it can provide your body with up to 100% of your complete daily nutritional needs.

At Fruits & Roots, we use SPIRULINA4LIFE, a fresh raw, live Spirulina that is harvested fresh, then immediately flash-frozen and stored. You may have seen other types of Spirulina, some in tablets or powders. Powdered, freeze-dried or tableted Spirulina is dead and has nowhere near the available nutrients that can be found in fresh raw live Spirulina, and that is why we chose SPIRULINA4LIFE. 

Fruits & Roots Spirulina

So how healthy is Spirulina? Check out this amazing list of benefits:

  • Helps Fight Disease
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Increases Muscle Strength and Endurance
  • Potent Detoxifier
  • Helps to Manage Blood Sugar
  • Helps to Control Cholesterol
  • Lowers Risk of Stroke
  • Treats Anemia
  • Accelerates Wound Healing

Spirulina is packed with nutrients!

  • 26 times more calcium than milk!
  • 28 times more iron than beef!
  • 58 times more iron than spinach!

Spirulina contains 25 vital minerals and vitamins, as well as 18 amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids.

And there’s more! Spirulina is also an appetite suppressant. It contains the amino acid phenylalanine that stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin that helps to suppress appetite.

Spirulina WaterHow much Spirulina do you need?

You can consume one or more servings of Spirulina per day, depending on your nutritional needs. It is ideal to take your first serving of Spirulina in the morning when you wake up in order to maximize absorption.

Spirulina is recognized by the FDA as an excellent nutritional supplement. And not only is it good for you but it’s good for your fur babies too! There are testimonials that dogs prone to arthritic problems see dramatic improvements and decreased, (even eliminated) pain when taking Spirulina. The recommended serving amount of Living Spirulina for pets is .5 ounces per every 50 pounds of weight per day.

At Fruits & Roots, we serve Spirulina in a number of delicious ways:

  • Try our iced Spirulina Water with lemon. It’s refreshing with quick absorption… the perfect way to jump start your day!
  • Rejuvenate with Spirulina ice, coconut water and mint!
  • Add Spirulina to your smoothie, or blend it into your smoothie bowl!

We hope this clears up a little mystery around the idea of consuming algae with a funny name. In this crazy life, it can sometimes feel impossible to get it all right, especially with nutrition. But with this amazing gift from the earth that has been around forever, it can feel a little more achievable.


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