When you are trying to incorporate clean, healthy food intoyour diet, it seems there can be an obstacle at every turn, especially if youare adding more plant-based options. Eggs in bread, GMO’s in almost everything. Not even wine is safe.

When it comes to wine, if it’s the pesticides you are concerned with, most wines have them.  Ifyou’re wondering if the wine you are drinking is cruelty-free, it’s probably not, and if you are concerned with both, well then, you’re in double trouble.  That’s why we chose Wandering Wines, Peaks & Valleys. This wine is not just cruelty free and organic; it’s biodynamic! And it’s delish!!

“The best wine is made the same way life’s moments are enjoyed—organically.”

Cruelty Free Wine

Enjoying a glass of wine is nothing to feel guilty about,and you shouldn’t pull your hair out searching for ingredients with a fine-tooth comb. Some wines are made using animal-derived substances during the filtering process, called “fining agents.” These filters sometimes include gelatin from fish bladder (called isinglass), casein (derived from milk), and bone marrow. Choosing ‘cruelty free’ ensures all ingredients are 100% plant based.
Source: https://www.peta.org/living/food/vegan-wine/

What Is Biodynamic Farming?

In common with other forms of organic agriculture, biodynamic agriculture uses management practices that are intended to”restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.”[31] Central features include crop diversification, the avoidance of chemical soiltreatments and off-farm inputs generally, decentralized production anddistribution, and the consideration of celestial and terrestrial influences onbiological organisms. Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biodynamic_agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture differs from many forms of organic agriculture in its spiritual,mystical, and astrological orientation.
Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biodynamic_agriculture

You’ll be happy to know that all our wines at Fruits & Roots are cruelty-free. Here’s a look the full list:


Whites                                                                           8oz/Bottle

Organic Rose/Peaks & Valleys, Chile                           12.5/43

Rose of Merlot/LostFind, Chile                                       8.5/30

Reisling/Sleight of Hand, WA                                          13/44

Organic Sauvignon Blanc/Peaks & Valleys, Chile        12/43

Pinot Grigio/Terra del Fohn, Italy                                   11/38

Chardonnay Reserve/Wandering Wines, Chile            8.5/30

Sparkling Wine/Keen Wine, Chile                             22/Bottle


Organic Carmenere/Peaks & Valleys, Chile                 12.5/43

Red Blend/Terra Divina, CA                                              9.5/33

Garnacha/El Circo, Spain                                                   8.5/30

Red Blend/Sleight of Hand, WA                                         15/57

Neil Patrick Harris Edition                                   Ask for availability

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