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Fantastic meal every time!

The only regret you will ever have eating here for the first time is wishing you had discovered the place sooner!! It is nothing short of outstanding: so delicious, terrific flavors, perfectly crafted dishes and lovely staff – the nicest people. The Bang Bang Broccoli is a must – you have to try, the Frisco Patty Melt, the bowls, everything exceeds your expectations. You don’t need to be vegan to fall in love with this place. Best ever!!


GF Vegan and allergic to nuts?

Holy moly. This place was to die for. I’ve been vegan or vegetarian for 23 years now. Sheesh, am I getting old? My aunt took my little family and me there for lunch while visiting from out of state. I almost never get to eat real food when going out due to all my allergies. Not here! We ate the summer rolls with a subbed sweet miso sauce to avoid nuts, the potato wedges that I dipped in the miso sauce 🤤,the gf minestrone soup, tempeh bacon sandwich (hubby’s), gf flatbread (aunt), and the kids Mac and cheese. We all loved it. I loved the time and care the restaurant staff put in to ensure I was safe while eating AND well fed. So yummy thank you!


World best black bean burgers

I love Fruits and Roots with all of my vegan heart 💚 I have been a loyal customer since they were in their previous space. I love the BB burger so much. My other favs are: fiesta salad with a BB burger, Caesar salad, summer rolls, bang bang broccoli, root salad and the Mac and cheese.
Ali, Brock, Tyler and the rest of the staff are welcoming and efficient.
I can’t wait to try the new pineapple with coconut dessert.
Truly my fav vegan restaurant. Please stay forever ever 🙏🏽🫶🏽🥑


Delicious food and great atmosphere!

I’ve been vegan for 8 years and I absolutely love this restaurant. Anything on the menu is super delicious even for our picky little vegan daughter. The fantastic staff and atmosphere tops it for us. Stop by and grab a bite, vegan or non vegan, you won’t be disappointed!


Amazing delicious food

I loved the vegan food and the place is really good clean. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥰

Luciana Oliveira

I’m not even vegan

BUT! this is my favorite restaurant in the entire United States. I live in NYC and have access to everything and anything… but we don’t have anything as good and fresh in this massive city that even comes close to Fruits and Roots. All day I dream about the tuna chic wrap. ALL DAY. Ugh… maybe I should move back home. …the Cole slaw slaps too.


Love this place

The service, the food, the selection and the atmosphere are the best. Being a person that eats plant based, this restaurant is a priceless find. Thank you

Rose Craine

Check them out you will be happy you did.

I enjoyed my Asian Noodle Salad and I’m sure I will enjoy the New York Cheesecake. Found them when I Googled Vegan Restaurants and I’m glad I did.
Check them out you will be happy you did.


My Favorite Restaurant

The food is awesome and the staff is so friendly and efficient! I started with Amber and her team when they opened! Highly recommend!


Great experience

Delicious choices on a menu with great variety. The service is wonderful and the server made nice suggestions. Enjoyed everything from the appetizer through the meal.

Toni Medvetz

Wonderful fresh food…

I love this place. Everything that I have tried has been delicious and tastes super fresh. Their juices are really good too and wonderful desserts to have there or take back home to have later. It‘s truly my most favorite place to eat lunch or dinner in Stuart…

Janis lee

Vegan for 4 years

I’ve been vegan for 4 years and this is by far the most healthy, natural, delicious food I’ve ever had. I eat here almost once a week and I’ve never had a bad encounter with any of the staff and no problems with the food ever! I love the spirt of everyone there! Seth, Jenny, there all amazing . You will be satisfied with your meal and me and my family loves eating here!!

Daeonna Johnson

This place is amazing!!!

I love this place so much that I picked it as my top choice to go back to on my birthday. The food was amazing as always!! We took off for a long bike ride and on the way home from the park I decided that I needed to go back and have a yummy homemade dessert. Their warmed chocolate brownie and vegan ice cream was really great… I wish that more restaurants would have plant options on their menu.


One of THE best vegan restaurants I’ve ever been to!

Honestly one of THE best vegan restaurants I’ve ever been to! The food is super fresh and absolutely delicious. The staff is very friendly and the ambiance is great! The prices are reasonable and the quality is amazing! This is my favorite vegan place!

Mica Sanisi

My new favorite restaurant!

This is my new favorite restaurant. The menu is outstanding. I love to have healthy options when eating out. The help is super friendly along with a cool atmosphere. Love it!

Kerry O'Donoghue

Best local place for all vegan food

Best local place for all vegan food, from entrees to desserts. Absolutely delicious! Friendly staff, great atmosphere, laid back, & very clean. Indoor & outdoor dining.

Ann Larcombe


Husband took me here for lunch for the first time and everything was so delicious. I ordered a carrot, orange and ginger fresh juice. ABSOLUTELY loved it and HIGHLY RECOMMEND! For lunch we had a few different dishes so we could try few. I ordered the black bean burger special. Portions were more than enough, we even have leftovers later that day. If you like to stay away from animal products, this is the place to be, even if you only wanna take a break one day.

Edgar Rivas

Absolutely amazing!

This place is absolutely amazing. I’m an aspiring vegetarian, I’ve cut out all red meat for years and am slowly trying to cut out chicken and fish someday as well. This place gives me hope that one day I can maintain and enjoy an all plant based diet. They make everything taste so flavorful and sometimes I find it so hard to believe that there’s no dairy or cheese on anything at all! I order the Veggie Panini sandwich with a side of potatoes almost every time and it is absolutely delicious. The sandwich tastes so creamy and flavorful, almost as if it had real cheese on it! And the same thing with the potatoes, they are seasoned to perfection! I have also tried the cheesecake and it is very similar, and if not better than non-vegan cheesecake. The customer service is also great and all the employees are very friendly!


So fresh and flavorful!

Best of its kind! My red/ blue smoothie was perfection. My daughter’s acai bowl was a work of art. The summer rolls were the best I’ve had… So fresh and flavorful.

Margaret E

I recommend this place with great pleasure.

This place is my number one site. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. Whenever I feel like having a proper luncheon, this place comes first to my mind; excellent and many types of food and a rich cuisine, professional staff and good mood. Also important, the tariff is honest. I recommend this place with great pleasure.


Wonderful atmosphere and delicious food!

Great place, wonderful atmosphere, and delicious food. There cashew shakes are delicious. A place worth trying.


A true delight!

This place was a true delight. So good we ate two meals here in one day! All the staff is so sweet and the food is incredible. We enjoyed everything we had.  Can’t wait to come back.

Sam Lu

Fruits & Roots nailed it!

It’s hard to find super delicious vegan food at times, but Fruits & Roots nailed it! Three of us started with the potato wedges which were so incredible. The rosemary was a wonderful touch. I had the soup of the day, which was amazing. My tablemates had a sandwich and a salad. All three meals were incredible. Massive helpings all around. Ended with a shared cheesecake (not easy to do vegan). It was one of the best desserts I’ve had in a long while now. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to eat healthy and not break the bank.

Zachary Randall

This place rocks!

I’m not vegetarian or vegan. This place rocks! I eat there all the time! Summer roll! Grilled cheese! Zoodles. Best ever!

Allen Stasevich

Best lunch spot in Stuart

Ordered through Uber Eats and was super impressed!! Veggie rolls and and Asian noodle salad were amazing and huge portions! By far the best lunch spot in Stuart.

Haley Freedman

This place is amazing!

This place is amazing! I had the Grilled Cheese and it was delicious and so full of flavor. I can’t wait to try other items on the menu soon!

Krystal Ollerich

Thanksgiving. Meal

We just finished your Thanksgiving meal, it was amazing, We hope you do the same for Christmas, The corn bread stuffing was delicious, you guys went above and beyond, thank you.


Great healthy food

Great healthy food for vegans. Collard green wraps and chia pudding bowls and green kale smoothie… the best. Kind and courteous and if you don’t want something they will substitute for you. Hands down, super great service.

Barbara Taylor

All I can say is one word:

Listen good people, stop playing with life and definitely go to this awesome spot to get some good refreshing vegan food. Everything on their menu is good, I can’t express it enough. I’m not even vegan. But I enjoy eating at Fruits and Roots. Don’t even get me started on the customer service.  All I can say is one word: “Superb!!!!

Abelard Cesar

I will be making that 30 mins drive south many more times!

Love it, 1st visit…the food was great. I will be making that 30 mins drive south many more times in the very near future, most likely tomorrow.

N Robinson

Love love LOVE Fruits and Roots!

Love love LOVE Fruits and Roots! Everything I’ve had is delicious and fresh, from the Summer Rolls to the Fiesta Salad, the Vegan Grilled Cheese and the Roasted Veggie Panini. My fav is the Tofu Bun Mi! The flavors are out of this world amazing and the bun used is from a local bakery in the area. Have it with a side of the roasted potato wedges and you’ll be set and you’re belly and taste buds will thank you!

Julie Murkerson

Everything is delicious!

You can tell they really took the time to make sure every item on the menu is packed with flavor. Everything is delicious (so far my favorite is the Tuna Chick Wrap)! I’ve only started eating here since the quarantine so I can’t speak to how it is to dine there, but from my limited interactions picking up to go food the staff is friendly!

laurelle griffin

Amazing vegan/gluten-free food.

Amazing vegan/gluten-free food. Large portions left feeling full of great food. Amber was so friendly. Such a great environment and wonderful food! Will be back!

Donald Murray

Everything is very fresh and very healthy food

Everything is very fresh and very healthy food, like overly healthy food…. On a scale of how healthy/organic this food is… After you eat here you will help clean up the local beaches, adopt a cat and plant a tree somewhere… –Update– Well after going on and off for over 8 months now, it is now our favorite place to go eat. Everything is fresh, and we keep going back.

Brad Gadow

Gotta try this place!

This place is delicious! I’m not vegan, but I am starting an anti inflammatory diet for health and I’ve been having to cook every single thing I eat, so finding this restaurant has been a Godsend, as many items on the menu would fall in the anti-inflammatory category. Carrot and turmeric juice and black bean burger wrapped in a collard green are my favorite! Gotta try this place if you haven’t already.

Bre Anne

Sooo good!

My food was sooo good. I was really glad I found this place.


The best place in town for vegan cuisine!

The best place in town for vegan cuisine! Staff is friendly and helpful, menu is extensive and the taste is fantastic. Both vegans and meat lovers alike will find something they can enjoy!

Lynn Day

Favorite restaurant!

My favorite place to eat in or take out. As a passionate animal lover and 28 year long vegetarian and now vegan, I am thrilled to have this healthy, cruelty free alternative in our town. The food is delicious and always fresh and the staff is wonderful. Thank you, Fruits & Roots!

Connie H

OMG, it’s delicious

My 16 year old came home with the Caprese flatbread. OMG it’s delicious. We are going back again this week to get it again.

Debbie A Chokran

Simply the best

I Love everything! But that bean burger/grilled cheese with a side of potatoes is addictive ?

Karen Caronello

Absolutely delicious

I had your vegetable curry soup, for the first time last night. I am hooked!!! It was absolutely delicious.

Lauren S.

You all have the yummiest food hands down!!!

Let’s face it!!! You all have the yummiest food hands down!!! I ordered the buffalo cauliflower Caesar salad today and it was so fresh! I’m not even vegan but would try? Lol!!! Everyone was just so friendly and the salad was pretty much my most favorite salad ever. I will continue to support you. I have tried almost all the items on the menu and all are scrumptious. Thank you for staying open and I will continue to support local and your business.

Kim B.

My husband and I love your restaurant

We ate here last week with our granddaughter from Miami. They have a lot of vegan restaurants there and she rated yours the best! Service is always good and my husband and I love your restaurant. Continued success and good health.

Flora E.

Great place to try

We don’t eat out all the time. But, if there’s a particularly good spot in the area, we might hit it up. And bonus points if the food is on the healthy side. Fruits & Roots Vegan Cafe meets both of those criteria so we had to visit a couple of times while in the area. A few of the things we tried there this time around: Take It Easy Caprese Flatbread, Buffalo Cauliflower Caesar Salad, Tofu Bun Mi & Grilled Cheese. Everything was richly flavored. The salad was massive and filling. They also have smoothies, juices, and bowls if you’re looking for something lighter. If you want to try plant-based meals that aren’t fake-meat heavy, this is a great place to try!


I absolutely LOVE this restaurant!

I absolutely LOVE this restaurant! They have so many amazing dishes and I get lunch from them several times a week. My absolute favorites are the summer rolls, chili and the chia pudding. SO good, so fresh and the staff is always pleasant and friendly. Thank you for your consistency in great service and AMAZING food.


Favorite plant-based restaurant anywhere!

Without a doubt my favorite plant-based restaurant anywhere! all the dishes are done so well, everything is fresh and flavorful. The staff is great too, I especially enjoy Seth he’s very knowledgeable about the menu and plant based eating. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Amber on New year’s day, she is a delight!! I live 30 minutes away but it’s worth the trip. Buffalo cauli flat bread is my fave!!!

Bar Be

Best Veggie Panini ever!

They have the best Veggie Panini I’ve ever had. I will be ordering from here again

Wanda M

Fruits and Roots is the absolute best.

Fruits and Roots is the absolute best. Salads here are AMAZING! The roasted potatoes are to die for. I am so happy they are in Downtown Stuart – it’s my favorite place to go! You can also call ahead and your take-out will be ready for you – a nice option on your way home from work. The staff is awesome and  accommodating. Great place to meet up with friends and hang out! The outside seating is perfect – and dog friendly….

Nicole Sirois

Most delicious vegan food ever!

Most delicious Vegan food ever!! Food that will blow the minds of carnivores!!! My youngest son also approves!!! (And he is a picky eater!)

Christine Whitcomb

I live for Fruits and Roots!

I live for Fruits and Roots! The grill cheese sandwich and pesto panini are one of my to-go dishes here, but everything is just super delicious! I have to pace myself here or I will spend my entire week’s food and entertainment budget on this one spot.

Ronise da Luz

I would give this 10 stars if I could.

I would give this 10 stars if I could. As a vegan, Fruits & Roots is a true GEM. I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this place if I hadn’t been in the area, but I am SO glad I did. The entire environment is perfect. The customer service, the layout, the plants everywhere and the FOOD. You have the option of indoor and outdoor eating which is great. An all organic vegan menu which is *chefs kiss*. I went with my mom and sister and we ordered: the starter breadsticks, the Take it Easy Caprese flatbread, the Garden Sandwich, and the All Day Tempeh with the Gouda cheese. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed eating anything more in my life. The flavors of every bite were decadent. We also got coffee, a hazelnut type coffee drink, and a green tea. If I could own ANY establishment it would be this. (If you want to open another one in Palm Beach County let me know!) I hope I can try more eventually!!

Taylor Gianquinto


Excellent! Every time I am surprised with an exquisite item on the menu. Today I had a delicious vegan sandwich oh! So tasty, and the avocado bagel yummy! Generous portions and nice staff. Even if you are not vegetarian, you’ll love it!

Sonia Valbuena

I recommend coming here and will def come back!

Delicious, healthy, filling food. The place is nice inside, great ambiance. The selection of menu items are vast. Tried the coconut chia pudding, granola, vanilla, maple syrup, with blueberries and banana. This was out of this world delicious! Had my 2 yr-old niece who absolutely couldn’t stop eating it. Also had a smoothie – kale, hemp seeds, banana, cinnamon. Super green and healthy, strong cinnamon flavor, on point! Tried the hummus plate, which brought zucchini, carrots and flatbread. Very strong hummus/chickpea flavor, not your average store bought hummus, but very very good nonetheless. The Buffalo cauliflower, pesto flatbread. Wow…. Just wow. If you’re new to any type of vegan food, this dish will definitely make you feel that vegan is the way to go! The flavors compliment each other really really well. Even down to the flatbread. I recommend trying the pesto, flatbread, cauliflower, pickled red onions and carrots all separate after you’ve indulged in a few bites. It will def give your palate the best feeling ever. I recommend coming here and will def come back!


I can’t wait to go again.

The food was very good and tasteful. I can’t wait to go again. This place is much needed for the area.

Jared Wallace

First vegan experience

First vegan experience. Enjoyed a black bean burger and it was delicious!

Karen Holdridge

Best food and excellent service

This is a very unique restaurant, with the best food and excellent service.

Maria Milian

Had a wonderful experience.

Had a wonderful experience. Food was amazing, I love the gluten free options. Everything is vegan . Highly recommended.

Stephanie Hare

Full of flavor and generous portions

We’re not Vegan or Vegetarian, but food we ordered was outstanding. Full of flavor and generous portions. We will be coming back. It’s definitely worth giving this place a try. They take great pride in the items they prepare.

Frank M Ploskonka

Warms the soul!

I had no idea this place would be a sit down restaurant (you have a to-go option as well) with such beautiful decor inside. At the wise recommendation of the friendly cashier, I got the veggie sandwich to-go and I brought my own container to put it in which they honored. Let me tell you, I’ve never had an actually filling or really that tasty vegetable sandwich, but this one was fantastic and surprisingly enough left my empty stomach satisfied afterwards! The sandwich came with chips sprinkled with the tastiest cashew Parmesan cheese, and the sandwich was doused in pesto that warms the soul. I wish this wasn’t just a stop along the way and I could go back!


Cute and “hip” with lots of yummy menu options

Love this place! It’s cute and “hip” with lots of yummy menu options. The price is what you would expect of a healthy restaurant. I had the red and blue smoothie, Asian noodle bowl and spring rolls. My husband also had the black bean burger. Great taste all around. Nice seating indoor and outdoor. Very happy about finding this place. 100% recommend!

Colleen Radar

OMG the food is amazing!

Omg the food is amazing.! From their homemade smoothies to the best hummus I have ever tried. Something for everyone on this menu. Great selection of salads to choose from and the best damn black bean vegetable burger anywhere in town. Plus the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. My new favorite eatery.

Jon LoCasio

Great vegan selections and fun atmosphere!

Great Vegan selections and fun atmosphere. Staff is very friendly and attentive. Must try this place! I’m not vegan, but really enjoy going back again and again!!!

Cindy Swigart

Everything is so flavorful, delicious and healthy!

I’ve been to dozens of vegan restaurants, but none compare to Fruits & Roots! Everything is so flavorful, delicious, and healthy! (NOT at all ‘vegan junk food’). I always make sure to stop by when I’m in town.

Caroline Cosgrove

The best vegan food I’ve ever tasted!

This restaurant has the best vegan food I’ve ever tasted! We had garlic bread sticks, a veggie panini, adult grilled cheese, and a children’s grilled cheese. My mini men even loved their meal! Also, highly recommend the strawberry lemonade if it’s available when you visit! We can’t wait to return!

Eleshia McCarthy

The food is amazing!

As a very new vegan I was super skeptical about this new journey. Let me tell you, the food is amazing! The staff are super friendly and so helpful with explaining the dish to you. If you’re on the fence about trying this place STOP and get in there and enjoy!

Paul Edward

This is a wonderful vegan restaurant!

This is a wonderful vegan restaurant. The space feels open and alive when you walk in, the food is fantastic, and quite large portions. I’m a fan and will def be a repeat customer when in Stuart again.

Alaine Starosta

Wish I had a Fruits & Roots back home

I went there twice while on vacation. Fruits & Roots was recommend to me by my mother’s friends at Sailfish Point. What an experience! I wish I could have ordered everything on the menu. We had pizza, Buddha bowl and something I can’t remember. Seth served us and explained to us what the restaurant was all about and recommend a great wine. Nothing to say but to wish I had a restaurant like that in Canada! Amazing personalized service, great food, great price, GOOD JOB GUYS! Love it! We will come back for sure!

Marie-Michele Paquin

Highly Recommend!

My sister and I were visiting and both eat a whole food plant-based diet. We found Fruits and Roots and must have consumed the entire menu over two weeks. Highly recommend this restaurant!

Seth M.

This is a wonderful vegan restaurant!

This is a wonderful vegan restaurant. The space feels open and alive when you walk in, the food is fantastic, and quite large portions. I’m a fan and will def be a repeat customer when in Stuart again.

Alaine Starosta

This place is awesome!

This place is awesome! They are not only vegan and healthy, also everything taste good and delicious. I was working at Stuart for a couple of days and I went to eat there literally every day. I had the chance to try many items in the menu, like the Grilled Veggie Panini, the Tuna Chick Wrap, the All Day Tempeh sandwich, different juices and elixirs, and the protein bars at the counter, …everything taste delicious! People super nice, and the facility is clean and modern and the prices are fair… I can’t wait to come back Stuart just to eat there again!

Chris R

Kevin Murray

Before heading out last night I stopped by the amazing Fruits & Roots Juice Bar + Vegan Cafe. I had the Grilled Cheese with a side of the Potato Wedges. This is one of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted. This is not your ordinary grilled cheese. Inside is tomatoes, roasted onion, vegan American and provolone cheeses, pickled jalapenos, cashew parm on fresh whole wheat bread. The Potato Wedges?!!! They were incredible. Baked crispy then topped with fresh rosemary and garlic and melted cashew parm then drizzled with rosemary oil. Order them now. And the service was so friendly and happy. Thanks Daisy, you rock!

Kevin Murray

So good.

So good. You would never know anything here is vegan. I think they’re kitchen is full of lies. Haha. Seriously one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had. The cheesecake is smooth and creamy and just perfect. I take all my friends who say they’ll never eat vegan.

Devon Gallo

This place is Heaven!

This place is Heaven! It’s so nice to be able to go out and order anything off the menu and not have to think about it. The summer rolls were delicious and the chocolate mocha cheesecake was so decadent, but the grilled cheese was EVERYTHING in life! I’ve thought about it at least a dozen times and I just ate there for the first time yesterday. Hats off to Fruits and Roots and I’ll see you soon!

Karyle Williams

I can’t wait to go back

Excellent options, presentation, and quality of ingredients. I had the chick tuna wrap and it was delicious. Also, very good coffee, complemented by their house made cashew mylk. I also tried a cold pressed juice and it, also, was high quality and delicious. I cant wait to go back and try another one of their offerings. They also had great service, and saw me and my wife sitting out front 10 minutes before their opening time and came out and started serving us early, very impressed. Their menu is also 95% organic which is rare and very responsible of them. Check it out!

Justin Mitchell Hunnicutt

Love this place!

Love this place! I love the people, the atmosphere and obviously most importantly I love the Chia Pudding with banana and kiwi!  And don’t forget to grab yourself a bottle of The Goods!

Cad Con

Everything has been excellent.

I’m not a vegan by any means but rather eat based on quality, flavor, taste etc. This place does what they do well. Everything I’ve had there in a dozen or so visits has been excellent. I enjoy trying things outside my comfort zone and will definitely continue to visit this place. You should too

vdud clasher

Excellent food!

Excellent food! Take It Easy, Caprese Flatbread is out of this world!!!

Stacy Van Duyn

Jordan Schwartz

Best vegan menu around!!

Jordan Schwartz

Great food

We have been visiting Stuart, FL for the last three years and are so happy to have found your restaurant. My wife and I are Vegan and it was a pleasure to order anything our heart desired from your menu. We were here in January and are very impressed with the new building. Great food.

Jim H.

Bob S

Excellent! Highly recommended! The food is great and the people are kind.

Bob S

Nicole Errington

Food is amazing! Even your non-vegan peoples will love it.

Nicole Errington

Matthew Kurit

Grabbed a few smoothies and would have shared a picture but I drank them too quickly. They were delicious.

Matthew Kurit

Van Law

Another one of my favorite vegan joints. I myself am not a vegan, but I do try to eat as clean as possible. Luv the quaint indoor/outdoor scene, and the service is excellent 🙂

Van Law

Susanna Winters

Delicious food and good service in a nice atmosphere. The coffee is the best I’ve ever had!

Susanna Winters

Natalie Frendberg

Myself and my non-vegan friend had an amazing meal at fruits and roots! We got summer rolls, a tempe sandwich, zoodkea primeravera and orange “cream” “cheese” cake, and we’re blown away by each. They were filling but in a light and healthy way they makes you feel good about yourself afterwards. 10/10. Would reccomend to a friend 🙂

Natalie Frendberg


Wow, if you haven’t been here, you’re missing out on a plethora of pleasurable tastes for your buds, right here in Martin County! Excellent food and service!

Jim & Renee





Jamie Burke

Delicious plant based meals and huge menu! Always look forward to my next visit, highly recommend 🙂

Jamie Burke

Daniel Garaguso

Great food and service, buffalo cauliflower flat bread is awesome.

Daniel Garaguso

Mark Dake

I found this great vegan restaurant while out in Stuart last Friday and what a fantastic find. A great waitress named Taylor waited on me and provided excellent and friendly service. I had the caprese flatbread and it was one the best meals I have ever had. It was simply heavenly and the ambiance is pretty cool as well. The prices are pretty reasonable and I definitely can’t wait to go back.

Mark Dake

Kaija H

Love the Colorado kale smoothie, I always get it with out oats and add almond butter or it may taste a little plain. I love the asian zoodle salad, very flavorful. They have a wide range of vegan options, Igo there often!

Kaija H

Jill Gantz

Excellent vegan food. Generous portions, perfectly seasoned. Staff is crazy nice. Loved it!

Jill Gantz

Wilma Medina

Awesome place for lunch, place is clean, service is great. I recommend it, highly!!!!

Wilma Medina

Fabian Perez

Excellent food, service and atmosphere. I am a beef person but this place makes you come back every day for a healthy meal.

Fabian Perez

Brittany S

I stop here every time I’m in the area, which isn’t that often, but it is a highlight of my trip! They recently expanded, so there’s plenty of space, the vibe is casual and comfortable, and everything on their menu is amazing! The menu is extensive and the food is real (and really delicious), not fake or processed. My favorites are the Buffalo Cauliflower Caesar and the All Day Tempeh! They also have great specials and soups! And the prices are awesome! I feel like you can’t eat at a lot of vegan places, even casual ones, without paying $15 a plate, but they have plenty of dishes under $10. I wish they would open another location further south!

Brittany S

Anna Charron

I am currently sitting at this cute little table with a succulent and I am enjoying an awesome soup of the day. So much flavor and has the perfect amount of spice. The staff are very friendly and nice and really informative. They have a really special thing going on here.

Anna Charron

Stacie Jung

Good and inventive food. Great service. Reasonable prices. Such a wonderful break from the truffle fries only option at local fish places.

Stacie Jung

Paul Unterweiser – Local Guide

The grilled cheese sandwich was excellent. Fantastic service.

Paul Unterweiser - Local Guide

Susan Lorenz

Fabulous vegan dishes, sides and desserts. You won’t be sorry you went. Service is great and and there is sidewalk seating that is really nice.

Susan Lorenz

Leonard C

Excellent no other way to describe the fresh food served to us. This is the best organic restaurant I have eaten at. My wife and I both loved the food, smoothie and desert. Taylor was very informative and so pleasant she made our experience even better. I must tell you we were treated well by everyone in the restaurant. Thank you for a wonderful meal.

Leonard C

Jenna Gee – Local Guide

Best vegan dining experience in the area! Lots of delicious options to choose from. My significant other who’s not vegan raves about how delicious the dining experience is too! Definitely a must try dining experience!

Jenna Gee - Local Guide

Avary M.

I’ve been a proud supporter of Fruits & Roots since the beginning and they have been my go-to spot ever since opening! I can always count on their super-friendly staff and amazing daily specials. Im so grateful to have a vegan cafe as amazing as this one right in the heart of Stuart!

Avary M.

Healthy Eats!

New to the area and saw this place it’s so hard to eat a healthy lunch. I am trying to transition to eating less meat and more veggies. I ordered the asian noodle bowl it was great so glad I had found this place passing by. I am a big ginger fan I would of loved more ginger in my bowl. I am sure on my next visit they will accommodate me.. Great new place to add to my lunch runs



This is my new favorite restaurant. Excellent vegan menu with lots of choices at a reasonable price. Service is friendly and fast! I absolutely love this place.

Kerry O’Donoghue

Wish I lived closer

I saw this place on the way to the baseball field and I’m SO glad I did! I ordered over the phone (very nice and professional greeting there!). When I arrived I was quickly greeted with a smile and a hello. As my order was being boxed I was offered a sample of the soup of the day that I was eyeing on the menu. The soup was DELICIOUS and comforting, and wonderfully prepared! black bean burger was hands down the best I’ve ever had! That special sauce was a great compliment as well! I want you to know that I think you’re doing an amazing job and I wish you all the best! Wish I lived closer!

Coral Springs, FL


Lori Drake

My husband found this place while we were vacationing in Fla from upstate NY..and we were so happy he did! All plant based restaurant dream come true!!! Its usually hard to eat Vegan on vacation with limited choices most places. But….Food AMAZING!!! Friendly staff, clean, great atmosphere!! Overall great experience, we were giddy. We visit Fla a lot, we will definitely drive miles to come back. All of our choices were delicious but if you get the chance to have the roasted tomato soup, do it. It was outstanding!!! You hit the nail on the head, Fruits and Roots. Thank you for the inspiration for some new meals for me to try to replicate in my home kitchen!!

Lori Drake


Excellent food and service! I bring my friends and family here every chance I get and they all love it! EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS!! My favorites are the south pacific smoothie and black bean burger & if I have room for dessert I get their house-made cheesecake!!


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  • 💚 I'm not vegan but this place has amazing gluten free desserts. I had a warm chocolate chip and banana cookie. I also enjoyed the Asian Noodle Bowl. The staff... read more

    Audrey Terry Avatar Audrey Terry
    July 13, 2024

    It is always a wonderful experience!

    Tracey Yodice Avatar Tracey Yodice
    July 12, 2024

    Great place to eat while in Stuart. A personal favorite when I’m in town.

    Peter Kurki Avatar Peter Kurki
    July 3, 2024

    We ordered the Asian noodle bow with tofu, a farm stand salad, and a buffalo cauliflower flatbread. All three of these items were superb! My husband and I are not... read more

    A Eli Avatar A Eli
    June 26, 2024
  • What a vegan paradise! Everything was delicious!

    jeff gross Avatar jeff gross
    June 19, 2024

    Really nice Vegan place. Location is good. Food is healthy and tasty. Highly recommend

    Dzmitry Mik Avatar Dzmitry Mik
    June 19, 2024

    Wow! This place has been flagged on my maps for years, finally made it up to Stuart. Did not disappoint! Unbelievably delicious! Will be back again!

    Ian M Avatar Ian M
    June 10, 2024

    Delicious! We can't wait to try everything on the menu. There are so many options for people with food allergies and food restrictions, I was blown away! I ate... read more

    Heath Avatar Heath
    June 10, 2024
  • Love the food. I make sure when I’m in Stuart visiting my sister we go there to eat.

    Bernadette Lovellette Avatar Bernadette Lovellette
    May 8, 2024

    Cute restaurant situated conveniently in beautiful Stuart. Offering a variety of tantalizing dishes and fresh options. The açaí bowl is a perfect choice for summertime.

    Crystal Avatar Crystal
    May 5, 2024

    Decided to try this place on a Saturday afternoon. Upon walking in was greeted with a smile asked, if we would prefer in or outdoor seating. Service was excellent, food..... read more

    Laszlo K Avatar Laszlo K
    May 1, 2024

    I had just changed my diet and took out meat out of my life and was searching for good food vegan style and this place had the best food I've... read more

    Angela McGrail Avatar Angela McGrail
    April 15, 2024
  • I'm so glad I finally tried this place! I have passed it often on my way into the shops and restaurants area of Stuart and I am sorry I waited... read more

    Shelley Patterson Avatar Shelley Patterson
    April 15, 2024

    Great vegan food!

    Sean Thompson Avatar Sean Thompson
    March 29, 2024

    Carra runs a tight ship! Everything is divine when we come. Beautiful inside and outside. Who knew vegan could be so good! 5 stars.

    Grace Colter Avatar Grace Colter
    March 26, 2024

    Amaizing food

    Pequeno Canteiro Urbano Avatar Pequeno Canteiro Urbano
    March 12, 2024
  • Amazingly delicious!! I would highly recommend this gem even if you are not vegan.

    Cindy J Avatar Cindy J
    March 12, 2024

    Always delicious. Always quick. Our favorite vegan restaurant in the country. Try the root salad and spring rolls appetizer. Total YUM!

    Kimberly Bee Avatar Kimberly Bee
    March 5, 2024

    Finally took the drive up to Stuart and had lunch here! The entire menu sounded scrumptious so I’ll be back! Decided on the Tuna Chick Wrap today and it did... read more

    Lavender Inspiration Avatar Lavender Inspiration
    March 2, 2024

    I love this dining experience. Most of the items are not things you find on the average menu. The root salad was the best I've ever had.

    Casburn Spencer Avatar Casburn Spencer
    March 2, 2024
  • Favorite healthy restaurant on this coast!! All food is flavorful and nutritious! Tough to choose a favorite! Staff always have a smile and very patient 🌹

    Michelle Amiel Avatar Michelle Amiel
    January 26, 2024

    I have been wanting to stop in to Fruits & Roots and finally had the opportunity to do so. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was great. Will... read more

    Deborah Segalla Avatar Deborah Segalla
    January 26, 2024

    Excellent food and service!! This is some of the best vegan food I’ve tried!! Definitely will be back!! 5 stars!!!!

    Chupapi Munyanyo Avatar Chupapi Munyanyo
    January 25, 2024

    Excellent food and service but they close way too early on the weekends. Was excited when they were open til 8pm again but that didn’t last long. ☹️

    J A Avatar J A
    January 18, 2024
  • Great Black Bean burger. Their roasted tomato and vegetable soup was phenomenal!

    Kimberly Siegfried Avatar Kimberly Siegfried
    January 18, 2024

    Great Vegan find

    Lynn Vannorman Avatar Lynn Vannorman
    January 11, 2024

    Our meals were delicious as always!

    Jennifer M. Avatar Jennifer M.
    January 1, 2024

    A health-conscious paradise offering a delectable array of fresh, flavorful dishes catering to mindful eaters.

    Petra Tucker Avatar Petra Tucker
    December 21, 2023
  • Not vegan, but I adore this local restaurant's delicious fresh food.

    James Phillips Avatar James Phillips
    December 18, 2023

    My favorite restaurant in Stuart!! Whenever I am coming to visit family, we got several times within the week or weekend because that is how good it is! There is... read more

    Marietta DeJulio-Burns Avatar Marietta DeJulio-Burns
    December 15, 2023

    good vegan restaurant just using a little too much oil and cheese

    Richard Zieba Avatar Richard Zieba
    December 8, 2023

    So fresh, such a welcoming spot!

    Christopher Archebelle Avatar Christopher Archebelle
    December 1, 2023
  • I highly recommend this place! 💕

    laura izquierdo Avatar laura izquierdo
    December 1, 2023

    Great place to eat my wife and I always go here when we are in Martin county. Even though it’s a vegan restaurant the food is excellent

    Steven Apicemo D.C. Avatar Steven Apicemo D.C.
    November 22, 2023

    Haven't been here on 2 years. Just a timing issue. Today's meal of Caprise Flatbread & Temph bacon was insanely delicious; and I am not a vegan. Amelia our server... read more

    George Jenetopulos Avatar George Jenetopulos
    November 22, 2023


    Gisella C Avatar Gisella C
    November 9, 2023
  • My absolute favorite Vegan restaurant,everything great always!! The mushroom Prime dip is incredible!!!❤️

    Barbara Bechtel Avatar Barbara Bechtel
    November 6, 2023

    Always a great experience!

    Melissa F Avatar Melissa F
    November 6, 2023

    Cute little gem at the shoppes on Colorado. I just moved into town and they were by my bank. They have a great menu I will be back. I had... read more

    Jackie Ray Avatar Jackie Ray
    October 30, 2023

    My favorite spot! Caesar salad is delicious.

    Heather Seropian Avatar Heather Seropian
    October 17, 2023
Stuart, Florida
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